Behind The Hustle – R8D!O (Video)

8 Jul

Dope video from featuring an interview with R8D!O

Excerpt -

Troy “R8D!O” Johnson was born into the music industry. His first word was “tape” (as in what people listened to before CD’s.) There was obviously no question in what direction his career was going. By high school, he got his first major music placement and publishing deal. Since then, he has worked with Solange, Will Smith, Rihanna and many more. R8D!O is a Music Producer, Songwriter, as well as a Sound Engineer, so he knows what he is doing in the studio and how to make a hit. Hear his story, take some advice and get inspired. 


Mixing Hip Hop Vocals

26 Jun

The folks over at The Pro Audio Files ( have some really dope tutorials on mixing hip hop vocals & mixing in general. If you’re looking to step up your ‘production game’ and becoming a more well rounded producer, we highly recommend you check out their free tutorials & paid content. Well worth the time and investment.

MHH 250x300Ad1 Mixing Hip Hop Vocals


MSXII – Synth Immaculate 3

25 Jun

The Synth Immaculate 3 from MSXII Sound Design is on deck! Don’t sleep on this kit. Dropping this week, limited run, at

Kev Brown- “Working With Royalty Free Samples” from MSXII x The Drum Broker

16 Jun

Kev Brown Cover Kev Brown  Working With Royalty Free Samples from MSXII x The Drum Broker

Download The MSXII Soulful Stems:

MSXII Sound Design and Digital Hustler have teamed up to bring you an exclusive, behind the scenes look at producer-extraordinaire Kev Brown! Kev gives us an inside look at his process, creative flow, and thoughts around working with royalty-free samples in his production.  Gems are definitely dropped so pay attention.  He demonstrates the versatility and uniqueness of the The Soulful Stems and how they can be used in modern production.  Kev is a genius and this video shows you just a glimpse of why. Enjoy!

Listen to more of Kev’s music:

Follow the team on Twitter:

Beats by N.E.S. – SE! feat. Kool G Rap – DRM KLIKK

16 Jun

Here is the final version of the mixed and mastered track from our Kool G Rap Verse Give Away. Shout out to Adonis, Domingo, Kool G, and DRM KLIKK

The winning submission was selected by legendary hip hop producer Domingo of

Our winning submission was by producer/beatmaker Adonis. His beat “Turn It Up!!!” is straight heat. Adonis use the following drum kits in his submission:

Adonis was born and raised in Drammen Norway. Nils Erik Solberg Aka Adonis started making music at the age of 16. Now 14 years later he has worked with acts such as: Royce da 5″9, Sean Price, Guilty Simpson, Skyzoo, Termanology, Cappadonna, Saigon and more.

You can follow Adonis, The Drum Broker, and Domingo on Twitter here:

Stay tuned for more contests!

Behind the Beats with The Drum Broker – Introducing ‘Beat Butcha’

16 Jun

PureProteinVol3 Behind the Beats with The Drum Broker   Introducing Beat Butcha

Brought to you by The Drum Broker

The Drum Broker is proud to introduce veteran hip hop producer ‘Beat Butcha’ one of the most talented hip hop producers in the game. Beat Butcha has produced for the likes of Danny Brown, Mac Miller, G-Unit, Mobb Deep, Prodigy, Sean Price, Lloyd Banks, Curren$y, & Mr. Probz to name a few

Directed and Edited by Ryan Calavano

Cop Beat Butcha’s latest drum kit ‘Pure Protein Vol. 3′ here:
Cop ‘Pure Protein Vol. 2′ here:
Cop ‘Pure Protein Vol. 1′ here:


Kingsway Music Presents – Lap of Luxury

31 May

lap of luxury Kingsway Music Presents   Lap of Luxury

Download Here:

Kingsway Music is proud to introduce it’s latest release, Lap of Luxury by composer / multi instrumentalist  Maneesh “M-Rock” Bidaye. This collection of 11 original compositions inspired by the lush orchestrations and arrangements of composers from the 70s such as Isaac Hayes, Lamont Dozier, and Thom Bell is a producers dream.

Maneesh was inspired by the sounds and recording techniques of this era and sought to create a project that felt organic with a wide range of dynamic in each song,  creating endless creative possibilities for other music makers.

Never have another record shelved due to sample clearance issues!

Lap of Luxury was created  with sample based producer, DJ, and beatmaker who wants original music to chop, flip, and arrange into dope beats without the hassle of digging through endless stacks of vinyl or worrying about sample clearance issues.

*Samples come in 2 versions – With Drums & Without Drums

Roger Linn & The Akai MPC60II Flash Drive

16 May

roger linn akai mpc60ii Roger Linn & The Akai MPC60II Flash Drive

Roger Linn repping The Akai MPC60II Flash Drive by The Drum Broker!

Cop one here:


A Million Ways To Break Vol.1 by (Digital Download)

4 May

AMWTB V1 500x500 A Million Ways To Break Vol.1 by (Digital Download)

Download Here:

Introducing A Million Ways To Break Vol.1 from Kicks and Snares! The Drum Broker teamed up with Kicks and Snares to distribute their all new and completely unique approach to a Breaks compilation!

The A Million Ways To Break series is the most useful and organized drum break compilation you can buy.

If you are sick of downloading massive amounts of drums in bulk, having to sift through weak breaks to find the gems, then A Million Ways To Break is here for you!

A Million Ways To Break Volume One features…

  • 25 drum breaks, broken down into 198 separate samplesAlso Includes 6 Bonus Breaks!
  • All drum breaks are professionally chopped & looped down to the essential loops & fills.

  • Many breaks have special edits, giving you variations of the original break NOT found in the original recording.

  • Smartly organized breaks. The main folder contains short samples (starting “on the one”),  so you can easily preview first.  Individual folders for each break contain the chops, fills & variations.

  • We hand pick only the best, most interesting & useful breaks. No filler breaks!  Filler breaks do not belong in this dojo!

  • All breaks recorded and processed with great high end gear.
  • We dig through the complete track and provide ALL of the open drums.  No incomplete breaks allowed!
  • Original unedited breaks also included.
  • All sounds compatible with any DAW (Protools, Reason, Logic, Fruityloops/FL Studio, Etc)
  • All sounds in stereo, 16bit/44.1k hz format.

Does some of this sound confusing?  Too much to take in at once!?  Let’s take look at this quick video so we can get a better idea of how NOT confusing it actually is!

MSXII Audio Presents – The Snares & Hats Combo Kit (Digital Download)

17 Apr

Download Here:

MSXII is pleased to present the Snares and Hats Combo Kit.   This kit represents everything you love in quality production; dirty hats and crunchy snares.  Make no qualms about it, this kit will partner well with your current MSXII library.  Multiple loop ideas have been included to spark immediate inspiration and ideas.  We’ve used some of the most dirty hats we can find (16″ Vintage Zildjian Hats) to get a great sound.  Recorded through studio grade preamps and processed carefully, The Snares and Hats Combo Kit will sit nicely in both your mix and arsenal.  Don’t sleep!

Kit Details:

• 60 drum loops of live snares + hi-hats in 16bit .wav form
• Vintage saturation/coloring via products by API
• Hi Hats used include: Zildjian 12″ Special Recording Hats, Zildjian 16″ Vintage Hats (40/50s), Dream 14″ Re-FX Jingle
• Snare Drums used include: Pork Pie Percussion 6×14 Clear Acrylic Pig Lite, Pork Pie Percussion 7×13 Brass Patina, Pork, Pie Percussion 5×13 Maple, Pork Pie Percussion 6×10 Maple Soprano, Ludwig 5×14 Acrolite Black Galaxy, Noble & Cooley 4.75×14 Aluminum Alloy Classic, Pearl 3×13 Brass Piccolo, Pearl 8×14 Vinnie Paul Signature (Maple),
Tama 5.5×14 Starclassic Birch, Custom SoCal 5.5×14 Maple (Built by Matt Slack)
• Additional chopped one-shot hits provided as bonus
• Compatible with all major software DAWs including; Ableton Live, Logic X, ProTools, FLStudio,Propellerheads Reason, etc.
•Compatible with all hardware samplers that accept the WAV file format; Akai MPC samplers, Roland MV8000, Maschine, etc.