Kingsway Music Library Vol. 6

2 Jul


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Introducing a new concept from Kingsway MusicThe Kingsway Music Library Vol. 6

The Kingsway Music Library is a collection of 15 original samples (master clearance guaranteed) created by multi genre music producer and composer, Frank Dukes. Frank has been composing original samples for the industries top producers including Jake One, Illmind, Cardiak, and more.

Never have another record shelved due to sample clearance issues!

The Kingsway Music Library was created for the sample based producer, DJ, and beatmaker who wants original music to chop, flip, and arrange into headbanging beats without the hassle of digging through endless stacks of vinyl or worrying about sample clearance issues.

The Kingsway samples were recorded to 1 inch tape at 30 IPS, using an onslaught of rare vintage gear and instruments that the average beatmaker, producer, & DJ don’t have access to.

As a heavy collector of records and former sampling beat maker, Frank has an intimate knowledge of what makes a great sample and what makes a dope beat. These samples were created using extreme attention to detail specifically with the beatmaker and producer in mind.

Kingsway Music Library was composed and created using top notch studio musicians recorded through NEVE or NEVE equivalent pre-amps and mic’d using vintage mics (some of which are worth upwards of $20k). The recording and equipment used to create this unique music library is also the same equipment used on classic 60’s psych, prog rock, and soul library music people have been sampling since the inception of hip hop music.

Instruments featured in these samples:

  • Rare Vintage Synths: Yamaha CS80, Memorymoog, Korg Monopoly, Polymoog and more
  • Vintage Drums
  • Vintage Guitar Amps
  • Vintage Bass Amps
  • Vintage Basses
  • Vintage Guitars
  • Pianos
  • Brass
  • Strings, etc.

*Samples will be delivered in HQ 16-Bit .WAV files

Example Beat Produced by Drum Broker Client Rawbeatzz:



July 4th Sale – 50% Off

1 Jul


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Marco Polo – Pad Thai Vol. 2

1 Jul


Download Marco Polo Pad Thai Vol. 2 by clicking here

Marco Polo presents the follow up to one of the best Hip Hop drum kit on the market! Over 195 of my personal drum sounds, basstones + bonus content. Dusty, dirty, raw drums ready to go.  Compatible on all DAW platforms.

Includes all my drum & bass tone sounds from the following Marco Polo productions:

  • Artifacts – “Back To Work” 

  • Bassi Maestro “Merda Cruda” 

  • Boot Camp Clik “Yeah” 

  • Braille “The IV”
KRS-One & Buckshot f. Talib Kweli “Oh Really” 

  • Jaysaun & Gutta “Terrified” 

  • Large Professor, Inspectah Deck, O.C, & Tragedy “Astonishing” 

  • Marco Polo & Hannibal Stax “Head Nod” 

  • Marco Polo & Ruste Juxx “I’m On It” 

  • Marco Polo & Torae “Double Barrel” 

  • Marco Polo & Torae “Rah Rah Shit” 

  • Masta Ace f. Wordsworth “I Refuse” 

  • Masta Ace “Do It Man” 

  • Neek The Exotic “My Own Line” 

  • O.S.T.R. “Shotgun (Moje Zlo To Twoj Wybor)” 
PRhyme “Courtesy” (Marco Polo Remix) 

  • Ras Kass “Smokers Story” 

  • Rah Digga “Straight Spittin 4.5″ 

  • Roc Marciano “Lay It Down” 

  • Skyzoo “Blockshit” 

  • The Doppelgangaz “R U Gonna Eat That”

Behind The Beats Video with Rawbeatzz

29 Jun

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Hear “On Fleek” here: Scoe – On Fleek ft. Marley Young

Rawbeatzz breaks down Scoe’s “On Fleek” feat. Marley Young, talks mixing, beatmaking, & share industry experience

Follow Rawbeatzz:

IG: @rawbeatzz907

Twitter: @rawbeatzz


Behind The Beat with Foreign Allegiance

28 Jun


After wrapping up the conclusion to Divided Soul’s Behind-The-Beat, highlighting their remix of Havoc’s “What I Rep (Remix)“, our homie Alkota over at Drum Broker returns with a series focusing on producer/DJs Foreign Allegiance (B. Corder & Bengie) hailing from Flint, Michigan.

In part 1, B. Corder & Bengie, whom both reside in L.A. these days, break down their respective styles that they both bring to the table – and how they make their sounds mesh into something that is cohesive and makes sense both on paper and through your speakers.

B. Corder breaks down how he gravitates more toward the soulful side of things while keeping thick hardcore drums, while Benjie says his sound is more akin to 808s and deeper sounds. As a duo, the two have recorded for the likes of Big K.R.I.T. as well as Jon Connor and Maffew Ragazino.

King of Chill x DJ Premier

21 Jun

King of Chill

king of chill dj premier

The legendary DJ Eclipse repping that 12 Bit Soul from Divided Souls Productions.

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King of Chill:

As one of the most underappreciated producers in Hip Hop history, King of Chill crafted true Hip Hop classics for MC Lyte with “Paper Thin,” “Stop, Look, Listen,” and “Cha, Cha, Cha” that continue to stand the test of time. His approach to production was so far ahead of the curve where producers are still catching up –and catching on- to his techniques. It’s no mystery why DJ Premier tapped him to be an integral member of his Live From HeadQCourterz team on SiriusXM. King of Chill (a/k/a Kreepy Clown) encapsulates the 12 Bit Soul vibe because his sound is timeless, moving beyond the confines of the here and now.


DJ Eclipse

21 Jun

DJ Eclipse

The legendary DJ Eclipse repping that 12 Bit Soul from Divided Souls Productions.

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DJ Eclipse:

Every movement needs a torchbearer –a person that champions the core fundamentals and remains steadfast to the foundation, despite what trends may come and go. DJ Eclipse is one such individual who remains a pillar in Hip Hop, firmly rooted in “classic” Hip Hop but still mining the world over to deliver the freshest music from today’s MC. This aesthetic encompasses the 12 Bit Soul mindset. Whether he’s spinning on terrestrial and satellite radio shows, DJing the world over, or managing his stable of artists, Eclipse continues to bring integrity to everything he does and the lines of the past and present blur when quality remains constant.

Scoe – On Fleek ft. Marley Young (Produced by Rawbeatzz)

21 Jun

Fleek-Artwork-final-prod by rawbeatzz version

Brand new single from Scoe – On Fleek feat. Marley Young. Produced by Rawbeatzz featuring drums from The Drum Broker.

Stay tuned for more bangers featuring drums by

!llmind, K!NG Z3US and The Drum Broker select Winners for “21 Pounds” challenge

17 Jun

illmind blap kits

After giving all of the remix entries a thorough review, !llmind and K!NG Z3US have chosen Bigg Kid’s blend as their favorite, with ENTRSTELLAR’s entry as the runner-up. Bigg Kid will receive Illmind Special Edition 16GB Blap Drive (ASR-10) w/ “The Blap Kit Gold Box Bundle” and ENTRSTELLAR will receive the Maschine Flash Drive Loaded with Drum Broker Samples.

Join us in congratulating them, and check out their productions below.


We’d like to thank each of you who participated in this challenge as well as !llmind, K!NG Z3US and The Drum Broker for making this possible.

Nutso – Make it Hot (Video) produced by Divided Souls Productions

15 Jun

Drum Broker affiliates & production duo Divided Souls Productions make a cameo appearance rocking the 12-Bit Soul T-Shirt from The Drum Broker in Nutso’s latest video produced by the duo


Veteran emcee Nutso is back with the second video from his Divided Souls EP with Divided Souls Ent. and DJ Pain 1. Directed by Low Profile Media, “Make It Hot” offers insight into the Queens native’s day-to-day hustle and grind.