!llmind Publishes KING Z3US Acapella, Create Your Remix to Win Blap Kits + More from the Drum Broker

3 Feb

KING Z3US ARTWORK COSMOS_1Grammy Nominated Producer !llmind is best known for his production work for 50 Cent, Ariana Grande, J Cole, Drake as well as the mastermind behind creating the “Blap-Kit” drum pack series.

!llmind recently produced the new hot single “Cosmos” for Harlem’s KING Z3US on his own imprint Roseville Music Group. KING Z3US and !llmind have teamed up again with the Drum Broker to have the Blend community remix “Cosmos” for an opportunity to win some cool prizes.

Here How It Works:

  1. Pull “Cosmos” from The Drum Broker
  2. Create your remix
  3. Publish your update by February 29th 2016

The Drumbroker and !llmind will reward the Grand Prize Winner with credits to the Drum Broker store and 2 runner ups will receive the Blap Drive Platinum Bundle with 16GB of samples valued at $149.00

Stix Jam Pack Vol. 5 – Guitar Edition Vol. 2

12 Jan


Download Here: Stix Jampack Vol. 5 – Guitar Edition Vol. 2

Stix is back with the next installment in the Jam Pack Series, this time with Vol. 2 of the Guitar Edition, a joint effort from drummer Stix, Greg Landfair Sr. (Stix Father & Studio Guitarist) and The Drum Broker:

The Stix Jam Pack – Guitar Edition Vol. 2 – Licks, Riffs, and Chords played by Greg Landfair Sr. features an assortment of guitar samples (Licks, Riffs, & Chords) played and performed by renowned studio guitarist and musician Greg Landfair Sr.

Greg Landfair Sr. has performed for and recorded with top recording artsists such as Twista, R. Kelly, Tyrese, K-Ci & JoJo, and a slew of Gospel Artists too long to mention & Stix is an official artist/drummer for Sabian Cymbals and Ludwig Drums and known as the current drummer for Chance The Rapper.

The Father Son duo teamed up to create a unique collection of guitar licks, riffs, and chords played and created with producers of all genres of music in mind.

Kit Features:

  • Signal Chain: Tom Anderson Classic Guitar -> TC Nova System Vox Wah Pedal -> Fender Blues Amp ->Sm57 -> Black Lion Audio Auteur Pre -> Black Lion Audio White Model Sparrow MK2 A/D converter.
  • All sounds were recorded Into Pro Tools, with no additional “in the box processing”
  • All Guitar Sounds performed by Greg Landfair Sr.
  • Over 40 original guitar sounds
  • SM57 Mic’d or DI Audio Files available

For more information on Stix, visit his Official Website: www.stixjams.com


Illmind Blap Kit Vol. 7 Contest

29 Dec

blap kit contest

Cop the kit & get started! Download Here: Illmind BLAP-KIT Volume 7
The official BLAP-KIT VOLUME 7 Beat Contest is ON. The deadline to submit your beat is Monday, Feb. 15th (the day of the Grammy Awards). Be sure to read the rules and regulations above,

Illmind is looking for originality, manipulation, technical ability & overall vibe. Only one will win. Good luck! May the force be with you. – !llmind

Cardiak Presents – Cold Air The Sample Pack Vol. 2

25 Dec

Cardiak Presents Cold Air Sample Pack Vol. 2\

Download Here: Cardiak Presents – The Cold Air Sample Pack Volume 2

Cardiak returns to his sound design grind with the follow up to the popular Cold Air Sample Pack! After producing Dr. Dre’s ‘Compton’, Cardiak was MIA in the Lab crafting beats for the Doctor and cooking up new sounds for your production arsenal. He’s back with the next installment

The Cold Air Sample Pack Vol. 2 is an entirely new sound that will send chills down your spine!

Its Cardiak. Its Hip Hop. Its left field.

The Cold Air Sample Pack Vol. 2 features ALL NEW original Ambient soundscapes and a collection of of Eerie Chords ready to incorporate into your own production.

Cold Air features the following:


  • Over 70 audio files & 18 complete ideas, of authentic Cardiak Compositions in WAV format.
  • Samples include BPMs & Layered Stems.
  • Compatible with ALL DAW systems (Logic, Reason, Ableton, FL Studio, Protools, etc)

International One Shots Vol. 2

25 Dec


Download Here: International One Shots – These Were The Breaks Vol. 2

From the Expert Digging Team that brought you the insanely popular International Breaks Series (Digital & Vinyl) comes the next volume of a new drum kit series for producers looking for RARE one shots you won’t find in the wild! That is, unless you’re on a digging safari that spans the globe!

Enter International One Shots Vol. 2 – These Were The Breaks,

A collection of extremely rare one shot drum samples ready for Producers to stack, layer, & process or use as is.

International One Shots Vol. 2 contains open snares taken from nearly impossible to find Vinyl, Drum Rolls from obscure European Prog Records, Claps from Reggae LP’s, Unique Sound FX from Experimental Synth Albums, Percussion Loops and Chops perfect for layering in your beats.

Of course we didn’t forget any hard hitting Kicks and Snares, Chopped Kits, and more.

International One Shots Vol. 2 was recorded from rare, original vinyl records from around the Globe. Meticulously compiled and curated for the ease of Producers & Beatmakers looking for UNIQUE Drum Samples.

Our expert Digging Team spent an enormous amount of time assembling this pack, so you didn’t have to!

Focus on what you do best, making beats and producing hits!

Its time to bring that warm sound back to your drums.

*(These One Shots CANNOT be found in the International Breaks Series)

Kit Features:

  • 6 Claps & Snaps
  • 21 Drum Rolls
  • 21 FX
  • 21 Kicks
  • 21 Kits (Kick, Snare, Hat Combo)
  • 21 Snares
  • 26 Perc Loops/Hits

Peep the sounds in the medley! 

International Breaks 808

25 Dec


Download Here: International Breaks 808

Class in back in session! Got a bad case of Senioritis? Then its time for the next semester of Break Beat University!

If you’re ready to get your Masters Degree in Drum Science you need to add International Breaks 808 to your arsenal so you don’t flunk out!

Our dedicated digging team has scoured the planet once again to bring you the next must have rare global break kit.

Ready to chop, loop, and layer, International Breaks 808 features 101+ NEW  breaks from from the late 60’s to early 80’s. Our team assembled a comprehensive break beat kit with ultra rare gems from Russia, China, Thailand, India, Korea, Japan, Bulgaria, Turkey, France, Holland, Italy, Poland, UK, and Brazil.If you are looking for more variety than your typical over sampled Soul Breaks, then this kit is is perfect for your production arsenal.

Don’t sleep on these breaks!

Ultra Lo-fi Sampler:

Cookin’ Soul – The Main Ingredients Drum Kit

25 Dec


Download Here: Cookin’ Soul Presents – The Main Ingredients Drum Kit Vol. 1

The Drum Broker has partnered with one of the most prolific production teams on the planet, Cookin’ Soul to distribute their second installment in their highly anticipated drum kit series, ‘The Main Ingredients Drum Kit Vol.1’

Straight out of Valencia Spain, Cookin’ Soul is best know for their work with Curren$y, Pusha T, Mac Miller, YG, The Game, Evidence, AZ, Freddie Gibbs, and hundreds more. Their remixes, which have a reputation for being better than the original, have clocked over 3,000,000 downloads worldwide & 50K+ Diehard SoundCloud Followers. To say the least, the Spanish Production Duo is overly impressive and The Drum Broker is excited to release this exclusive to top off 2015!

With one of the most impressive discographies in the industry, Cookin’ Soul’s The Main Ingredients Drum Kit Vol. 1 is another must have drum library for any beatmaker or hip hop producer.

For Complete Discography & Information, visit the Official Cookin’ Soul Site:www.cookinsoul.com &  www.souncloud.com/cookinsoul

Drum Kit Features:

  • 430 sounds from Cookin’ Soul’s personal stash…
  • 19 folders full of drums, basslines, 808s, percussion, fills, fx, instruments, vox
  • Exclusive adlibs, chants and vocals taken from original studio recording sessions

International Breaks 303 – Breaks on Vinyl

25 Dec


Cop the International Breaks 303 Vinyl by clicking here

Re-mastered and Pressed to Vinyl!

You won’t find these breaks anywhere else! Our dedicated digging team scoured the planet for these super dusty and rare break beats.

Ready to chop, loop, and layer, International Breaks 303 features 101 more breaks from from the late 60’s to early 80’s. Our team assembled a comprehensive break beat kit with ultra rare gems from Russia, China, Thailand, India, Korea, Japan, Bulgaria, Turkey, France, Holland, Italy, Poland, UK, and Brazil.

If you are looking for more variety than your typical over sampled Soul Breaks, then this kit is is perfect for your production arsenal.

Don’t sleep on these Breaks!


51 Breaks


50 Breaks

Trap Drum Samples – Divided Souls – Soul Trap Drum Kit

25 Dec

Divided Souls - Soul Trap copy

Download Here: Divided Souls – Soul Trap Drum Kit

Divided Souls Entertainment delivers Soul Trap, a welcomed compliment to the 12 Bit Soul catalog and their take on the world of sounds in trap music with a focus on rumbling basses and a further continuation of the foundation built by the legendary Roland TR-808 drum machine. This sound kit packs potency, leaving the producer with core elements needed to get the creativity stirring. The kicks thump, the snares punch, and the stabs provide a foundation for a track to be built from the ground up or stand alone on the strength of the sonic quality. No filler, just the necessary, essential drum sounds you need to go in and make a track that knocks.

The idea of the “trap” has, like so many other aspects within our culture, expanded from street terminology and morphed into an entire sub-genre within Hip Hop. This appropriation is nothing new but a representation of something gritty and hardcore, the underbelly of society. It’s also a place where trunks have been rattling for years with heavy low-end and frenetic percussion courtesy of the classic 808 sound that has become synonymous within the genre. With this latest addition, Divided Souls Entertainment continues to create sounds with an uncompromising edge, just like the trap itself.

Sounds included:

  • Kicks/808 Subs – 27
  • Snares – 27
  • Claps/Percussion/EFX – 35
  • Stabs – 20

Kingsway Music Library – Colors (Vinyl LP) // Limited Pressing

8 Dec



Purchase the vinyl here: Kingsway Music Library – Colors

“Buying old records is a habit.” – Diamond D

For record collectors and simply those individuals who appreciate the vinyl experience, the onset of the digital age has been a mixed offering. On one hand, MP3s have made analog and once unportable music now accessible in any setting with a spectrum of hand-held devices to play those hard-to-find gems. As with any positive attribute in the frenetic tech era, there is some unavoidable downside as well. The ease in which music can be heard has cheapened the overall consumer experience as an artist’s blood, sweat, tears, and years have been reduced to an ephemeral shelf life. Record stores and music sections in major retailers are vanishing as downloads- illegal or otherwise- have gobbled up a large chunk of the physical pie. What is the connoisseur, collector, and crate digger to do with the deck seemingly stacked against them?

The Drum Broker and Kingsway Music have partnered up to deliver Kingsway Music Library’s first physical release entitled Colors. Frank Dukes, the mastermind behind this talented group of musicians, has been helping compose original songs for producers like Boi-1da, Jake One, Cardiak, Illmind, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Don Cannon, and many more. One example of this is Drake’s “0-100/The Catch Up” as it takes its core elements directly from a Kingsway Music composition. Dukes comes from digging in the crates and spending hours and hours finding “breaks” and samples -a task that can be equal parts euphoria as well as frustrating. With the sweat equity invested, he has a substantial understanding of song composition and structure, making potent material from start to finish.

With Colors, each one of the 15 tracks is, in essence, a “break,” with the long-player sounding like a master recording of usable, license-free samples and top-notch instrumental music. Irrespective of your place on the vinyl continuum, this release appeals to producers, DJs, composers, and fans of good music who want hear quality art in a physical format. Kingsway Music meets the needs of the sample-based sonic craftsman looking for their next creation and the passionate listener who understands that good music is best spun at 33 and a third.