Vocal Samples – S1 Presents – Voices III – Vocal Collection (feat. HookedHarmonix)

27 Aug


Download Here: S1 – Voices III Vocal Collection

2 X Grammy Winning Producer S1 (Kanye, Beyonce, Jay Z) brings back his Voices vocal series which have appeared on albums from Rick Ross, Macklemore andRyan Lewis, Rock City, and more. Voices III features vocal harmony group HookedHarmonX and includes original harmonic voice and melodic vocal samples with stems.

Voices III Vocal Collection features the following:

  • 8 complete original Vocal samples created, edited, and mixed by S1 & HookedHarmonX
  • Vocal samples include BPMs & alternate Stems.
  • Bonus Vocal Sounds
  • Compatible with ALL DAW systems (Logic, Reason, Ableton, FL Studio, Protools, etc)
  • Instant Digital Download
  • Master Clearance Guaranteed
  • All sounds are 24 bit/44.1kHz Wav.

New Break Beats & Drum Samples by BFD

27 Aug


Download Here: Breaks For Days – August 2016

Breaks for Days – August 2016!

This kit features

  • 31 brand new, original live drum breaks for August
  • The NOLA funk continues w syncopated kicks, snares, and ghost notes all in between.
  • Saturated for a “dusty” texture, with a “loose” drummer feel
  • 16bit .wav format for sampler and DAW compatibility
  • Recorded and processed through analog tape
  • Instant digital download

MSXII Audio Presents – Chopworks Kit Vol. 2

27 Aug


Download Here: MSXII Audio Presents – Chop Works 2

Back for round 2 are the beautiful sounds straight from the vault of MSXII with Chopworks 2.  Tons of unreleased material that is sure to get your music production energy up!  We’ve jammed pack this kit with rhodes riffs, vox samples, numerous one-shot drums, melodic stabs, loops, and full on compositions to sample and chop.  Chopworks 2 continues the tradition of bringing something for everyone!  If you don’t have the first, be sure to cop that as well!  Chopworks, yo!

Kit Features:

  • Unheard original MSXII sample content in .wav format
  • 83 vault files of loose breaks, one-shots, idea building loops, original sample compositions, fx, + more
  • Incredible usability.  No filler sounds.  Idea inspiring content only
  • Compatible with all DAWs and samplers that accept .wav format
  • Hassle free sample clearance on original sample compositions within


!llmind – Special Limited Edition: S.T.A.S.H. Loops Volume One

27 Aug


Download Here: !llmind – Special Limited Edition: S.T.A.S.H. Loops Volume One 

“I’m so proud to present a brand new series of samples called ‘STASH Loops’. It stands for ‘Samples That Already Sound Hot‘, which means exactly that. I carefully composed these samples to make them highly usable in any given scenario. My focus here is TEXTURE. I’ve utilized a lot of audio techniques to get these sounding absolutely amazing. You’ll hear a combination of vintage synthesizers and moog bass with touches of live instrumentation. Loop, chop & manipulate to your hearts desire. Master clearance is guaranteed.” – !llmind

  • 10 samples composed and arranged by !llmind himself
  • Includes all AUDIO STEMS (dry, for easy manipulation)
  • Includes BPMs
  • Gear used: Prophet 8, Arp Odyssey, Mini Moog, Fender Rhodes, Emu Proteus 2000
  • All audio recorded on 1/4″ Reel To Reel Tape LYREC PTR-1 for warmth
  • Instant digital download
  • Comes in stereo WAV 16/44 formatting
  • Compatible with any DAW (Protools, Reason, Logic, Ableton, Fruity Loops, etc)
  • Master clearance guaranteed

Beat Butcha – Messages from Outerspace

3 Aug

Beat Butcha - Messages From Outerspace

Download Here:  Beat Butcha – Messages from Outerspace

Dope FX can be hard to find. They’re either lifted off vinyl or not right for hip hop production. These are the kind of FX that you’d find sprinkled all over classic records by Dilla, Madlib, Flying Lotus, Alchemist, and other heavyweight producers. As well as on records by Stereolab, Tomita & Mort Garson…

We’re talking late night Sci-Fi FX in the vein of classic 60s & 70s episodes of Star Trek, Dr. Who & War of the Worlds, as well as numerous Moog, Psych, Jazz & Prog Records. Think lasers, cosmic water drops, flying saucer noises, splashes, Dalek farts & teleportation sounds that bring psychedelia, ambience & atmosphere to any beat. Sounds that are ‘not of this world’. 

Beat Butcha has created another masterpiece: Messages from Outerspace, Out Of this World FX

Messages from Outerspace is a collection of 100% Original & Royalty Free Sound FX made for Hip Hop producers looking to add psychedelic ambience to any beat.

Beat Butcha crafted this kit using a Roland MC202 & Moog Voyager fed through the Roland Re-201 Space Echo Tape Delay unit. There are no presets, the FX were created live and refined to taste by tweaking the parameters on both synths while altering delay speeds, echo volume & the intensity of the feedback on the Re-201. 

Kit features:

  • 182 Analog FX
  • 100% Original & Royalty Free Samples
  • Creating using authentic Analog gear with the Hip Hop Producer in mind

Divided Souls – Cinematic Soul feat. DJ Pain 1

3 Aug

divided souls - cinematic-soul-FINAL_2_large

Download Here: Divided Souls – Cinematic Soul feat. DJ Pain 1

Movies and music have been inextricably linked since silent films gave way to modern cinema. The score, the music that defines a scene, stands as an integral component, conveying emotions in ways that direction, writing, and acting simply cannot. Its intangible presence provides the adhesive, a bond that connects the various parts and makes them whole.

Divided Souls Entertainment returns to the stage with their latest sound kit entitledCinematic Soul. This time out they enlist their production partner and friend, DJ Pain 1 (Rick Ross, Ludacris, Young Jeezy, 50 Cent, Gucci Mane, etc.) and his knack for painstakingly creating signature sounds. Together, this triumvirate of talent has produced songs for the like of Public Enemy, Sean Price, Havoc, Nutso, Yo Gotti, Mavis Staples, and more. Their diverse resume enables them to not only sculpt a soundbed for a specific artist but provide the necessary feel a producer is looking for in their next sonic creation.

As with many of the kits constructed by Divided Souls Entertainment, this one offers the ability to create entire songs using all of the elements provided. Upbeat percussion and drum rolls enable producers to capture a more rhythmic feel, something resembling a smoke-filled disco from Carlito’s Way. The loops call to mind the eerie synths of Georgio Moroder’s Blade Runner, giving the audience a listen of a future dystopia. The emotive elements call to mind the range of Hans Zimmer, providing the traditional orchestral hits as well as more playful and fanciful pieces as well. This kit wouldn’t be complete without drums. The kicks and snares were expertly ran through the legendary SSL stereo bus compressor (plugins just don’t compare to hardware) to allow more width and breadth, building on and expanding the boarders of the 12 Bit Soul sound.

Whether constructing a film score or simply looking for sounds to spice up your productions, Divided Souls Entertainment and DJ Pain 1 deliver with their first installment of Cinematic Soul. Grab your popcorn, your favorite refreshments, and get busy creating!

This kit includes:

  • 25 Emotive Elements (orchestral hits & emotion capturing riffs)
  • 16 Loops
  • 20 Drum Rolls
  • 83 Percussion (one shots and breaks)
  • 12 SSL Processed Kicks
  • 11 SSL Processed Snares


MSXII Audio Presents – Diced Horns

3 Aug


Download Here: MSXII Audio Presents – Diced Horns

MSXII is proud to present Diced Horns!  The successor to the b-Roll Horns line. The collection of live alto saxophone horns was recorded by our team of world-class musicians.  Dry for optimal processing and mixing, you will find the details in these sax licks that presets just don’t give.  Find a lick, build a groove around that!  Or, use the stabs as a compliment so something you already have.  Either way, just get creative! Cop & chop Diced Horns.

Kit Features:

  • 82 samples of live horns recorded in 16bit .wav format, processed through OSA preamps
  • Phrases, loops, and stabs lace this pack
  • Not meant to replace your current horn library, rather enhance it
  • Compatible with all DAWs and samplers (including mobile formats) that accept .wav files

MSXII Audio Presents – Chopworks (Digital Download)

3 Aug

MSXII Audio - Chopworks Drum Kit

Download Here: MSXII Audio Presents – The Chopworks Kit

Sounds straight from the vault of MSXII.  One-shot drums, loops, breaks, original sample compositions and more!  This is the stuff you haven’t heard from us.  Everything here is to be explored, chopped, and worked within your production!  Chop works is a one-of-a-kind kit because it will appeal to every aspect of your production needs!  Cop and chop! 

Kit Features:

  • Unheard original MSXII sample content in .wav format
  • 65 vault files of loose breaks, one-shots, idea building loops, original sample compositions, fx, + more
  • Incredible usability.  No filler sounds.  Idea inspiring content only
  • Compatible with all DAWs and samplers that accept .wav format
  • Hassle free sample clearance on original sample compositions within

V Don – The Opiate Drum Kit (Digital Download)

3 Aug


Download Here: V Don – The Opiate Drum Kit

V Don is back with another banger! The Opiate Drum Kit features all the knockin drum samples featured on his latest Instrumental Tape/Album, ‘The Opiate’. Known for his infusion of Trap Style drum patterns and masterful manipulation of samples, you won’t go wrong with this kit if you’re looking for Trap’eque Drum Samples, dirty breaks, and boomin 808’s. Find out what producers like Alchemist are buzzin about… V Don’s production!

Listen to the tape below to get a feel for the drums!

Kit Features:

  • Custom Sample Chops
  • FX
  • Drum Patterns
  • 808’s
  • Kicks
  • Snares
  • Keys
  • Breaks
  • Synths
  • Pad and Percussion from the entire The Opiate album

Features 175 total samples

Compatible with Logic , Reason FL Studio , Ableton , Protools , MPC Renaissance ..etc

Trap Drum Kits

9 Jul

trap drum samples

Download Here: Trap Drum Samples by The Drum Broker

Yes! We have ‘Trap Drum Samples’ & ‘Trap Drum Kits’. While The Drum Broker never sets out to create a ‘Trap Specific Kit’ that every one else in the game is using, we do have 9 unique Trap Drum Kits/Sample packs that are worth having in your drum sample library. Don’t sleep on these samples!