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12 Bit Soul Vol. 4

28 Jul



Download it by clicking here

The quest to bring the best of the analog world and meld it to the digital realm is at the forefront of 12 Bit Soul. As evidenced by the producer greats donning the t-shirts supporting the movement, it’s deeper than words and fading rhetoric but evidenced in their lasting work. The music speaks for itself and time is the true judge of a “classic sound.” 12 Bit Soul continues to strive to bring producers, composers, and arrangers the best sound kits to help compliment and complete their vision, while evoking an intangible essence of what made the previous eras so distinctive. 

The 12 Bit Soul series continues with the fourth, and quite possibly, the strongest installment yet. Divided Souls Productions has painstakingly crafted this latest sound design creation using their tried and true methods of meticulous layering and sound grafting to develop a fuller punch in all of the hits presented, making them ready for immediate use. The kicks may be the meatiest and fullest sounding yet, with the snare collection being treated with a little extra attention and flavoring. All of the hi-hats are customized as well, creating a signature feel with less traditional percussion elements. As a special bonus, a folder entitled “Exotic Sounds” contains uniquely constructed elements to provide some addition character and ambience to your latest production. 

As producers perpetually looking for sounds, Divided Souls Productions understands the pursuit. 12 Bit Soul Volume 4 is an ideal starting point to stop searching and begin creating. 

12 Bit Soul Vol. 4 Features: 

  • 70 Kicks
  • 63 Snares
  • 20 Hi-Hats
  • 10 Exotic Sound