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!llmind, K!NG Z3US and The Drum Broker select Winners for “21 Pounds” challenge

17 Jun

illmind blap kits

After giving all of the remix entries a thorough review, !llmind and K!NG Z3US have chosen Bigg Kid’s blend as their favorite, with ENTRSTELLAR’s entry as the runner-up. Bigg Kid will receive Illmind Special Edition 16GB Blap Drive (ASR-10) w/ “The Blap Kit Gold Box Bundle” and ENTRSTELLAR will receive the Maschine Flash Drive Loaded with Drum Broker Samples.

Join us in congratulating them, and check out their productions below.


We’d like to thank each of you who participated in this challenge as well as !llmind, K!NG Z3US and The Drum Broker for making this possible.