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Beat Butcha – The Steroid Pack Vol. 2

19 Apr

Beat Butcha - Steroid Pack Vol. 2

Download Here: Beat Butcha – The Steroid Pack Vol. 2

From the man that brought you the “Pure Protein” series, one of the #1 rated drum kits of all time, comes an all new series of drums that will take your beats to the next level. The Steroid Pack Vol. 2 – Juice For Your  Drums

While protein adds weight to your beats, testosterone will yoke your drums out like Arnold!

Butcha has spent extra time crafting, selecting, and creating a whole new set of samples used by the industry’s finest including Alchemist, Kanye West, & More!

Butcha is known for his work with Danny Brown, Mac Miller, G-Unit, Mobb Deep, Prodigy, Sean Price, Lloyd Banks, Curren$y, & Mr. Probz to name a few. But more importantly Butcha is known for having some of the dopest drums in the industry and hands down one of the most talented producers in contemporary hip hop

The new Steroid Pack includes, Butcha’s custom chopped exclusive collection of drums straight from the 2-tracks of of his best work and then EQ’d & Compressed to perfection. The end result is Juice for your Drums!

Kit Features:

  • 36 FX
  • 139 Hats
  • 86 Percussions
  • 198+ Kicks & 808’s
  • 386 Snares (Stacked and Single)
  • 286 Extras! (Drums, Guitar, Wulitzer, Piano, etc.)

Beat Butcha – Pure Protein Drum Kit Vol. 2

15 Nov


Download Here:

Beat Butcha is back with a follow up EXCLUSIVE drum kit to his wildly popular “Protein Kit”. The Pure Protein Drum Kit Vol. 2MORE Protein to Beef Up You Beats is the 2nd exclusive Drum Broker addition to Butcha’s well received drum kit series.

Butcha is known for his work with Danny Brown, Mac Miller, G-Unit, Mobb Deep, Prodigy, Sean Price, Lloyd Banks, Curren$y, & Mr. Probz to name a few. But more importantly Butcha is known for having some of the dopest drums in the industry and hands down one of the most talented producers in contemporary hip hop

This time, Butcha chopped this exclusive collection of drums straight from the 2-tracks of of his best work and then EQ’d & Compressed the drums to perfection. The end result is Pure Protein to Beef Up You Beats.

Kit Features:

  • 107 Custom Bass Patches
  • 108 Punchy Kicks
  • 190 Custom Snappy Snares & Claps
  • 110 Custom Hats & Percussion
  • 32 Custom Rolls & FX

Example Beats featuring these Drum Samples:

Original Breaks Beats: Dirty Arse Drum Breaks Vol. 2

10 Oct



Download Here:

Oh Snap… AGAIN! The Drum Broker is bringing you some more Dirty Arse (thats Ass in British) Drum Breaks from Drummer Timmy Rickard & Monosole. If you are looking for original (royalty free) drum breaks, then you need to add Dirty Arse Drum Breaks Vol. 2 to your collection.

Digital Info:

  • Instant Digital Download
  • 98 Original Drum Breaks 16 bit WAV formats
  • Organized by BPM folders (81bpm – 119bpm)
  • Drum kit mic’d with two Coles 4038 ribbon mics for a vintage sound
  • Compatible with all major software DAWs including; Ableton Live, Apple Logic, Pro Tools, FL Studio, Propellerheads Reason, etc.
  • Compatible with all hardware samplers that accept the WAV file format; Akai MPC samplers, Roland MV8000, Yamaha samplers, etc.

Recording Chain:

  • 60′s Gretsch Drums
  • Bosphorus cymbals
  • various snare drums
  • 2x Coles 4038 ribbon mic
  • API preamp
  • RME converters
  • Cartec Audio EQP-1A
  • BAE 10DC Compressor
  • Drum sticks

Example Breaks from Dirty Arse Drum Breaks Vol.2:

“GOT BLAPS!? 2” Official 808s & String Breaks

13 Mar

So you think you got BLAPS? Prove it! PRODUCERS, enter my exclusive “GOT BLAPS!? 2” contest by simply doing the following:

1. Purchase the brand new !llmind SPECIAL EDITION Blap Kit: “808s & String Breaks” Sound Kit here.

2. Make a beat using ONE “String Break” riff and (at least) ONE “808” kick drum contained in the kit, along with ANY other drums/samples/sounds of your choice (genre doesn’t matter)

3. Submit ONE beat to (MUST be an mp3 email attachment.)

4. Cross your fingers!

The contest will end on SUNDAY MARCH 31st at 11:59 PM, which means any submissions after this time will NOT be eligible.

The WINNER will be chosen (by !llmind himself) and announced by the end of first week of APRIL 2013 via LIVE USTREAM (date/time announced soon)

The WINNER of the second official “GOT BLAPS!?” contest will receive the following:

1. Limited Edition !llmind “ASR-10” USB DRIVE (Contains: BLAP KIT VOL 1 – 3 + unreleased drum kits & sound fonts, !llmind’s ENTIRE catalag of songs produced + released since 2002, and additional surprise material. USB Drive will be mailed out when it’s ready from manufacturing.)

2. FREE 1 hour online video consultation with !llmind (via google chat).

3. ALL future “Blap Kits” and !llmind Sound Banks released in 2013, for FREE (*minimum 1 kit or sound bank).

4. The opportunity to submit up to 10 beats to !llmind, to be constructively critiqued with detailed advice from !llmind himself. (*response provided via direct email from !llmind.)

5. First priority on a slot to perform in a future B.L.A.P. Showcase in NYC in 2013. (*travel expenses not included.)

GOOD LUCK!!! We wanna hear some HEAT!!

Get “808s & String Breaks” HERE

Mike Chav Drum Arsenal Vol. 6 (Warped Drums)

25 Feb

The Drum Broker just released Mike Chav’s Drum Arsenal Vol. 6 (Warped Drums). If you aren’t familiar with  Mike Chav’s work.. Get Familiar! Dude has some dope drum samples.

Excerpt from The Drum Broker Website:

Taught the art of Drum Science by the late J Dilla, Mike Chav is one of the industry’s top engineers & sound designers. He’s Jay Electronica’s engineer/right hand man and a good friend of the late J Dilla. Chav has mixed and mastered records for everyone under the sun including: J Dilla, Eminem, D12, Snoop, The Game, Busta Rhymes, Method Man, Redman, Jay Electronica, Bilal, and Dr. Dre to name a few.

The Drum Arsenal Vol. 6 (Warped Drums)

This collection is called ‘Warped Drums’ because I have taken each kick and snare, copied it and ‘warped’ them until I had several variations of the original drum. I warped each sound with varying methods using different effects settings, time compression/expansion etc.  Playing different variations of the same sample (at the same or different velocities) is a way to achieve a new kind of pocket that can only be made with a drum machine/sampler and sequencer.  

The idea is to mimic the feel a great drummer while using synthetic sounds and a sequencer.

These sounds vary from modern, heavy, dirty, clean, wet, effected etc etc.  They are all sonically awesome.  With this collection your music will sound pro and mixed before an engineer even touches it –if one touches it at all!  This collection has been created with the best of analog, digital and human (ears, brain) equipment.

Behind The Beats with Khrysis

21 Dec

Khrysis talks with Digital Hustle Films & The Drum Broker about making beats, workflow, sampling, drums, & much more. Don’t sleep on Khrysis playing some crazy NI Maschine Beats.

Follow us on Twitter: @digitalhustler @khrysis @drumbroker & don’t forget to get the Official Khrysis Drum Kit here:

DJ DN3 “The Campaign EP” Feat Drum Samples From The Drum Broker

17 Nov

Soulful hip-hop music is a way of life for DJ DN3 and the crew. He’s been holding it down as a deejay and producer from Philadelphia to California. He won first place in the Emcee Nemesis “All I Need” remix contest. Blessing us with mixes like The Milkbone Show mx01 and Sunshined The #@$% Out summer mix. DJ DN3 has been putting in work! His latest project features Drum Sample Kits from Big Noise MPC.

“My fellow Americans (and the rest of you earthlings)… Rap cats, (Mr. Miranda, Mouse Powell, and Mega Ran, and myself) recently embarked on a tour to campaign for your ears. On this campaign, I took the opportunity to create some music and ideas that would be formulated to this short EP while I was on the road. I’d like to send a very big shout out to Noiseman at Big Noise for hooking me up! Big Noise MPC (Drum Broker Affiliate) is where I coped the drum kits used to create this project’s soulful and grimy sound. All joints were produced using the very portable Native Instrument’s Maschine Mikro”.

The Music: Each beat that I composed used drum elements of Alkota’s Gems From The Crates, Illmind’s Blap-Kit Volume 1 and M-Phazes’ Dirty 30 Drum Library. I have an old soul sample library that I keep on my traveling external hard drive. This way I can come up with things on the go to complement any other plug-in VST instrument sounds I have on my laptop. Each day we were on tour, I composed a beat whenever I had the downtime to do so. Then out of all of the beats I composed, Mega Ran, Mr. Miranda, and Mouse Powell took a pick on what they wanted to write to. They all recorded the tracks after we got back from tour.

We would like to thank all those who came out to support us and The Campaign Tour, which spanned up and down the west coast. Stay tuned for our next campaign. This a free gift to all so… Enjoy ~ DJ DN³

Vintage Modes: Akai MPC Renaissance & Maschine 1.8

12 Oct

Part of the marketing tactics appeal of the new generation of drum machines from companies like Akai (Numark Corp.) & Native Instruments is the so called “Vintage Mode”. In general, Vintage Mode promises us the analog flavor and characteristics of drum machines past including the Akai MPC 60, E-Mu SP-1200, ASR-10, and more. While not perfect, Vintage Mode offers us a close software emulation of the legendary grit that these vintage drum machines are known for. With the switch of a button, your entire track is turned “Vintage”. As if to instantly inject some life and soul into your music the new generation of drum machines are capitalizing on our lust for analog.

The inherent problem with the so called “Vintage Mode(s)” aside from the technical limitations of emulation (I’m sorry but SP-1200 emulation doesn’t come close to the real thing), is the fact that Vintage Mode can be applied to your ENTIRE track.  Part of the allure to drum machines past (ala E-Mu SP-1200 & Akai MPC60) are their limited tech specs. For instance, the E-Mu SP-1200 has only 10 seconds of sampling time which is spread across 4 banks. Thats 2.5 seconds on sampling time per bank. Yes sir, you can only sample 2.5 second chunks of your favorite wax. Limitations such as memory size, effects, & workflow force(d) beatmakers and producers to work within a limited enviroment. Whether its a strength or crutch, Modern DAW’s, Samplers, & Drum Machines have infinite memory and sample capacity.


New Drum Kit – The Judah Drum Kit // Sounds I Found For You

3 Sep

Download here:

As a pivotal icon in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) Hip Hop movement, Judah has spent years refining his progressive production techniques, sound design methods, and engineering skills. Judah has crafted beats for nationally recognized artists such as Wale, Stat Quo, Tabi Bonney and collaborated with industry heavyweights on Bad Boy & Koch Records. Judah is a true independent workhorse and his drum library is a testament to his work ethic and sound selection.

We are extremely happy to release Judah’s “Sounds I Found For You” Drum Kit and believe its one of our best kits yet. Judah blesses us with 100 unique sounds from his personal drum stash. This kit features everything from rare breaks & live “Go Go” Drums to knockin kicks and snares that snap.

The sounds in this kit are perfect for stand alone use and perfect for layering & tweaking.

Kit Features:

  • 100 hand selected, sampled, and designed drum sounds
  • Sampled & Processed using an Akai MPC 3000, Akai S-20, & Ensoniq EPS for FAT Analog Character
  • Plenty to chop! Rare Breaks & Live Drums
  • Hard Hitting Kicks, Snares, & Hi-Hat/Percussion Samples
  • Excellent for stand alone use or layering

Lloyd Banks ft. Jadakiss – Chosen Few (produced by Beat Butcha)

25 Jul

Want to know what the drum samples from the Beat Butcha Drum Kits sound like? Check out the latest joint from Beat Butcha: Lloyd Banks ft. Jadakiss – Chosen Few.

Don’t sleep on Beat Butcha! You can follow him via Twitter here: @beatbutcha



Download Beat Butcha’s Drum Sticks Drum Kit (Samples)

Download Beat Butcha’s Lamb Chops Drum Kit (Samples)