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Mixing Tutorials

14 Mar


Purchase these Tutorials Here:

Mixing instruction by Mixthru is a highly recommended mixing tutorial series featuring Engineer instructor Matt Weiss. Hours of solid mixing courses and instruction. Additional courses include Mixing EDM, Mixing with EQ & Compression, Advanced Mixing, and Mixing 101.

Awesome instruction and well worth the money!


Free Sample Pack by The Drum Broker & Erik Jackson

25 Sep


Download Here for FREE: Erik Jackson Presents – Supernatural

Erik Jackson presents ‘Super Natural’ a sample pack inspired by Netflix original hit series ‘Stranger Things’

Supernatural was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me to spend a few days at an amazing vintage studio down in Florida. The minute I played a chord on the Roland Jupiter 8, I knew what I had to do! The Netflix series, Stranger Things has been an marvelous reminder of the beautiful sounds that some of these vintage synth could produce. I thought it would be fun to make a sample pack showing demonstrating the sonic quality of these synthesizes while paying homage to the show.

Synths used:

  • Roland SH 101
  • Roland Jupiter 8
  • Roland 808
  • Oberhiem Matrix 6


  • Moogerfooger combo
  • Roland Space Echo – RE 201
  • Yamaha R100 Reverb

All samples were recorded from the synth, through the fx chain and then to analog tape. No plug ins used.

Have fun and tag me in your songs so I can hear what you did. 

Peep the demo:

New Break Beats & Drum Samples by BFD

27 Aug


Download Here: Breaks For Days – August 2016

Breaks for Days – August 2016!

This kit features

  • 31 brand new, original live drum breaks for August
  • The NOLA funk continues w syncopated kicks, snares, and ghost notes all in between.
  • Saturated for a “dusty” texture, with a “loose” drummer feel
  • 16bit .wav format for sampler and DAW compatibility
  • Recorded and processed through analog tape
  • Instant digital download

Brand New Break Beats! Erik Jackson Presents – Smoke Breaks

10 Mar

Erik Jackson - Smoke Breaks

Download Here: Erik Jackson – Smoke Breaks

Introducing another original banger! Smoke Breaks by Erik Jackson, The Drum Broker’s A-List sound designer and drum architect.

Smoke Breaks is the next installment in Erik Jackson’s Original Breaks series (Breaks, Rainy Day Breaks, and Dusted Crates)

Smoke Breaks features: 50 Live Drum breaks and 45 one shots!!

The breaks were recorded with an all-analog chain. No plug in effects used. All drums were played at 93BPM with plenty of Soul!

The samples were recorded with the Audix DP7 drum microphone pack using a combination of a Universal Audio, 4-710D, Universal Audio 2 610 and 3 Rupert Neve Portico pre amps.

If that is not enough, Erik fed everything through the pre amps into an SSL Stereo Bus Compressor and finally recorded to them Studer A800 Tape Machine.

If you desire a more processed sound, Erik loaded some of the one shots into the MPC 2000XL and began to pitch and layer them to taste.

Be prepared to chop in your favorite sampler and make some hits. Again, this is a Breaks Only Pack (with one shots). The demo song has other instruments to show you how great these will sound with your own samples.

Demo was made with an MPC 2000XL, Ableton Live and a turntable in real time


Gear Used:

  • Universal Audio 4-710D 1 Dual Mono Manley Pre amp
  • Universal Audio 2 610
  • Rupert Neve Portico pre amps
  • Audix DP7 Microphone pack
  • SSL AWS 9000
  • Studer A800 Tape Machine

Marco Polo – Pad Thai Vol. 3 Beat Contest

22 Feb

Marco Polo - Pad Thai Vol. 3

Purchase Pad Thai Vol. 3 here: Marco Polo – Pad Thai Vol. 3


Marco Polo x present the official “Pad Thai Vol. 3” beat making contest 🙂


1) All entries must own “Pad Thai Vol.3”. Your order # (via or grant you entry. (You receive the order# when you purchase it). Please do not enter if you don’t own “Pad Thai Vol. 3”. Obviously bundle purchases including Pad Thai Vol. 3 grant you entry as well. If you don’t own it, no problem, head over to or and cop it!

2) Make a beat using any sounds from “Pad Thai Vol 3.” Of course you can use your own loops, samples, whatever you want just make sure something from “Pad Thai Vol. 3” is used to construct the beat. I’d prefer it to be obvious but even one sound is fine.

3) Please email 1 beat submission to (only 1 beat please.) * VERY IMPORTANT * Please make sure you include your Pad Thai Vol. 3 order # + all your contact info in the email. Only submit your beat via mp3 attached to the email or a soundcloud link pasted into your submission email. Please do not send any download links to WAV files or large attachments with outside download links. The deadline for submissions is Monday March 7th, 2016. We will announce the winner on Friday, March, 11th 2016.


The winner receives the following:

1) Any drum & bass sounds from 2 of my released productions not included in “Pad Thai Vol. 3”. Just tell me the name of the songs and the drums & bass sounds are yours.

2) I will personally email/submit the winning beat to any rapper you want and let them know you got a banger (within reason of course…y’all know who I work with so please don’t ask for Jay Z or Nas or Kendrick hahaha.) Past 2 winners have submitted beats directly to Pharoahe Monch and E.D. O.G.

3) 1 free digital download of any album I’ve released.

4) 30 minutes with me in the studio via skype, phone or messenger (not in person, sorry Mischa don’t like guests). You can play me beats and get feedback or ask any production questions you want while I smoke Newports. If you make hot shit I’m happy to help you get your beats to some MC’s. Rappers always need beats.

5) $150 store credit @  The Drum Broker is also offering up a NS-10M USB drive in addition to the generous store credit.  $150 will get you a shit ton of HEAT from The Drum Broker.

Sound good?

Let the beat making begin and if you have any questions please ask them in the comments.

Good luck and most importantly have fun.


Marco x The Drum Broker.

New Hip Hop Drum Samples! Marco Polo – Pad Thai Vol. 3

21 Feb

Marco Polo - Pad Thai Vol. 3

Download Here: Marco Polo – Pad Thai Vol. 3

Marco Polo is very proud to present the 3rd edition of my world famous Hip Hop drum kit series “Pad Thai Vol. 3”

New and improved. By far the most musical of the series.  I’ve added crazy musical samples from my production library & personal collection that I’ve used in my beats over the eyars.   Tons of hard kicks and snares. Bass sounds better than anything you’ve heard. Wah Wah Guitars, Keys, Flutes, Harps, Strings, Effects, Arps, Chords & Pads. I got you covered on this one. I had the most fun making this volume!

Enjoy, Marco.

MSXII Audio Presents – Cadences

13 Feb


Download Here: MSXII – Cadences

Snare drum excellence is what Cadences is all about.  MSXII is proud to present to you the art of incredible tuning, vintage snare drums, and a blended stack of snares full of cadences that will add a nice new color to your production.  Cadences is full of articulate drum cadences played on a vintage Pork Pie 8×14 brass/hickory hybrid snare, a vintage Leedy 10×15 parade snare, and a Pork Pie 3×13 Piccolo.  Use these snares to find the basis of inspiration for your drums, turnarounds, and transitions.  Chop these snares and recreate these combinations to find even more ideas hidden within the timing of these cuts.  You get each snare with its respective cadences alone, Cadences for the win.  

Kit features:

  • Uniquely authentic live snare cadences featured in 16 bit .wav format
  • Stem files of each snare cadence (30 cadences x each snare drum used)
  • A “blended” stack of all 3 snares in each cadence for a monstrous mix
  • All snare cadences performed at 100 BPM
  • Snares used include Pork Pie 8×14 brass/hickory, Leedy 10×15 parade, Pork Pie 3×13 piccolo
  • Compatible with all DAWs and samplers that accept .wav format

Drum Broker – Black Friday Sale – 50% OFF

25 Nov


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King of Chill x DJ Premier

21 Jun

King of Chill

king of chill dj premier

The legendary DJ Eclipse repping that 12 Bit Soul from Divided Souls Productions.

Cop the 12-Bit Soul T-Shirt from

King of Chill:

As one of the most underappreciated producers in Hip Hop history, King of Chill crafted true Hip Hop classics for MC Lyte with “Paper Thin,” “Stop, Look, Listen,” and “Cha, Cha, Cha” that continue to stand the test of time. His approach to production was so far ahead of the curve where producers are still catching up –and catching on- to his techniques. It’s no mystery why DJ Premier tapped him to be an integral member of his Live From HeadQCourterz team on SiriusXM. King of Chill (a/k/a Kreepy Clown) encapsulates the 12 Bit Soul vibe because his sound is timeless, moving beyond the confines of the here and now.


Nutso – Make it Hot (Video) produced by Divided Souls Productions

15 Jun

Drum Broker affiliates & production duo Divided Souls Productions make a cameo appearance rocking the 12-Bit Soul T-Shirt from The Drum Broker in Nutso’s latest video produced by the duo


Veteran emcee Nutso is back with the second video from his Divided Souls EP with Divided Souls Ent. and DJ Pain 1. Directed by Low Profile Media, “Make It Hot” offers insight into the Queens native’s day-to-day hustle and grind.