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The Expert – Neckbreakers (Beat Tape)

20 May

Another solid Beat Tape from  my dude The Expert. Always getting submissions for the blog, but this one is worth a look! Don’t sleep on The Expert.

Neckbreakers is a seven track beat tape journey that forces you to nod your head from start to finish. The EP is produced by The Expert who has been making beats for over fifteen years mainly for his band Messiah J & The Expert. He has also worked with C-Rayz Walz, Sleep of Old Dominion and has played shows with Public Enemy, De La Soul, Nas, Gangstarr, The Pharcyde, Ghostface Killah, Talib Kweli and Aesop Rock amongst others. This is his first foray into the beat tape world.

Download here:


New Instrumental produced by Alkota

25 Mar

89BPM. Purchase and Download this Instrumental for $24.99 by clicking the “Buy” Button or clicking here: Beats For Sale

The Art Of Flight

4 Feb

Sync Licensing

New video and dubstep/electronic flavored track available for Sync Licensing. Use video as reference. Contact me for licensing details.

Alkota – Bang These Beats Vol.1 (Instrumentals)

23 Jan

Buy Now

Alkota’s Bang These Beats Vol.1 is a mix of released and unreleased hip hop & boom bap instrumentals produced by Alkota between 2008-2011. Bang These Beats, Alkota’s 2nd Beat Tape is 20 instrumentals deep of professionally mixed & mastered ear candy. These joints are the backdrops to songs featuring Rasco, Sean Price, Don Streat, Ruste Juxx, Pep Love, Soiled Seed, RD Peoples, Indefiniate Etiquette, and Phonetic. Cuts are provided by DJ Grazzhoppa.
Don’t Sleep! Download Now & Bang These Beats!

Bang These Beats – Vol.1 (Instrumentals) by alkotabeats


9 Jan


If you aren’t familiar with Stu Bangas production, then you are missing out on some heat! Stu produces the kind of beats that make you wanna mean mug your grandma, a cute puppy, or even your baby brother. The native Bostonian blesses us with a collection of 12 instrumentals he produced for Vinnie Paz, Blaq Poet, Apathy, Wais P, Lateb, Esoteric, Reef the Lost Cauze as well as some unreleased beats from 2010-2011. If you are looking for go hard instrumentals for your beat collection, this is your tape… but it ain’t free! The instrumentals can be downloaded for less than a dime bag ($9) here:

Available via the Brutal Music BandCamp Page


21 Aug

  • Beat Butcha has SLAPZ! Looking for some bangin beats to quench your thirst for dope instrumenals? Look no further than Beat Butcha’s – Raw and Uncut, a collection of 21 hip hop instrumentals from one of hip hop’s most slept on producers, Beat Butcha. If you aren’t familiar with Beat Butcha, get familiar in this exclusive interview: Exclusive Interview With Beat Butcha. Butcha’s beats are dark, grimey, and go hard! If you dig producers like Alchemist then you’ll love Beat Butcha. Hands down, one of the best beat tapes out, Raw and Uncut is worth the $10 Butcha is charging. But don’t take my word for it… Peep the Bandcamp link below and get @ Beat Beat Butcha by following him on Twitter @beatbutcha, hes got beats for sale.


New Beats For Sale

13 Aug

You can listen to, buy, and download beats directly from Alkota by using the online shop below. Payments can be made via using Paypal or by any major credit cards. There are +- 55-80 beats for sale. You can lease or get exclusive rights to any of my instrumentals or you can get a premium lease, which is the same terms as Alkota’s leases but you get tracked out audio/stems. This option is for artists leasing beats who want to mix/master the beat using a professional engineer or tweak the beat themselves. For more information, visit Alkota’s Beats Page for complete details.

Exclusive Interview With Panik of Molemen Records – Making Beats and Refining His Sound

24 Jul

1. First off, introduce yourself to the readers who may not be familiar with Panik and Molemen Records.

Hi my name is Panik from Molemen, we are a crew based out of Chicago that’s been doing our thing since the early 90’s. Crew members consist of Panik (Me) , Vakill (MC), Pnd (DJ, Producer), Memo ( producer), Scheme (mc), Astonish (mc) & others.

As producers we’ve worked with Slug from Atmosphere, Saigon, Kool G Rap, MF Doom, Aesop Rock, Vinnie Paz, Brother Ali, Planet Asia, Rasco, Juice, All Natural, Esoteric, Apathy, Del The funky Homosapien, Myka Nine, Sage Francis, Grand Daddy I.U., Percee P. Rhymefest & many many more.

The Label started in 1991, first we were releasing tapes/ cassettes that had 4-6 tracks locally & also doing mix tapes locally. Then in 97- we started releasing vinyl with Percee P, Rhymefest Vakill – Keep The Fame & E.C. & Rubberoom – Taste Of Chicago on the b side. We released a string of 12s inch vinyl ( Below the Ground 1995), (Buried Alive 96) ti’ll 2001 when we released Molemen -Ritual of the on double vinyl & cd which is our biggest album to date. Since then we’ve released 3 albums with Vakill ( The Darkest Cloud (2003), Worst Fears Confirmed (2007), Armor Of God (2011) , more Molemen album ( Chicago city limits vol 1( 2002 )& 2 (2007) , Killing Fields (2006)  , Lost sessions (2004) & we released album with several artist such as Longshot (2004) – Sacrifice (2004), Decay – Unlikely Hero (2008) , Astonish – From Now Until Forever (2008)



3 Mar

FREE Beats from QB –

QB Beats Soundcloud –

Use these beats on your mixtapes, albums, videos, commericals, radio, etc, you name it.

If you want a song/beat exclusively then you and QB can work out some kind of deal. QB IS NOT signing his publishing over to anyone – eg. if you use his music on your project(s) and you’re receiving checks from socan/ascap/etc then he  should also receive some kind of compensation.

If you want to check the resume, he’s worked with Young Sin, Snak The Ripper, Evil Ebenezer (Brass Tackz), Fatty Down, Moka Only, Young Blaze, the list goes on.

Feel free to remix, remake, and share these songs as you like.

Lets make some music!


2 Mar

Back in 2006 my “official” production credits and releases were a bit lacking (and possibly still lacking). Granted, I had made beats for numerous independent projects and produced quite a few artists, but none of their projects really took off and got enough hype to put me on the proverbial “map”. I decided I wanted to release something on my own. Keep in mind this is right as iTunes and digital distribution was just starting to take off and there was no Bandcamp or Soundcloud. Enter “Don’t Sleep! Classic Instrumentals”. I dropped a few grand into this beat tape, in which I added14 hip hop instrumentals that were mixed/mastered, and packaged. Needless to say I didn’t sell 1,000 physical copies of the project. I easily recouped the cost of the album with digital downloads, licensing, etc. but it was my first lesson that music is truly hard to sell and turning a profit can be near impossible without a following. I’m actually giving away the remaining physical copies of the project with my custom SP-1200 Flash Drives. The production on the project is NO WHERE near the caliber of my new stuff. This was almost 5 years ago and I feel like my beats have improved 10-fold. My mixing and arranging skills are multitudes better. Long story short, the project is dated. People have told me its dope and has some of their favorite hip hop instrumentals on it, but its still dated. Ive decided that its time to give it away, meaning as a FREE DOWNLOAD! All I ask in return is that people buy my new projects like Access – Immortal’s – “The Legacy”. I’d love to shoot a video for this song, but my budget constraints don’t permit it unless people are supporting the movement.

This might be overdue, but here it is… My 2006 Beat Tape, “Don’t Sleep! Classic Instrumentals”… Download it, share it, don’t sell the beats, record something over the songs, etc. Just put… “Produced by Alkota”