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Mixing With Compression

7 Feb


Download Here:

The Drum Broker has teamed up with Mix Engineer Mathew Weiss and The Pro Audio Files to present Mixing with Compression. Mixing with Compression is Drum Broker Certified! Click Here to Learn More or Buy Now! Don’t Sleep on these tutorials!

Learn the following mixing techniques and compression fundamentals:

  • Use compression to shape sound – Ever want to make a sound hit harder? better? faster? stronger? Matthew shows you how to shape it with compression.
  • Use compression to manipulate tone – You’ll hear before and after examples of how compression can make a sound brighter, darker, closer, futher away, etc.
  • Use compression to control dynamics – Intimate vocals? Impactful bass? Loud and punchy drums that don’t eat up your headroom? We’ll show you how to do it.
  • Dial in effective attack and release times – No more guessing and hoping for the best. We teach you how to set a goal, listen critically and sculpt the sound you want.
  • Take advantage of parallel compression – Learn how fine tune your sound by blending in heavy processing with a dry signal to create a perfect blend.
  • Know which type of compressor to use – FET, VCA, Optical and more. Learn the various types of compressors, their history, and their ideal applications.