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Drum Broker – Akai MPC2000XL Contest Winner

8 Jul

For those of you who didn’t get the word… Big Noise // The Drum Broker // Alkota Beats hosted a joint MPC Giveaway that ran from February 1st to June 1st 2013. The contest offered a Custom MPC 2000XL in 2 tone Bamboo with Fat Pads and the famous MC-2000XL Card Reader, as well as the entire Drum Broker catalog by Alkota Beats. The official winner was announced as promised. Chris Stout turns out to be a young producer into the type of hip-hop music we love at Big Noise, who would have known… we asked Chris to share some insights with us so we could all get to know him.

Whats up World I’m Chris Stout aka Stout Himself. I was actually born in Frankfurt, Germany while both my parents were serving in the US Army. We moved back to the U.S. while I was a baby, winding backup in Troy NY. where my mother was from. I still live in Troy to this day, it’s the home of Uncle Sam so if you don’t know… well… you gone learn today. I Currently have a studio at North Albany Studios in Albany NY. Man, me and Music go back… I’ve always loved and obsessed over music. From being in choir and band when I was in school, to just listening and being a fan, to rapping and finally producing. I listened to a lot of classic rock; Hendrix, Beatles, Zeppelin, Clapton. Jazz, Miles Davis- Kind of Blue changed my life. I love listening to Classical, in fact the only thing I can say I don’t like is country music.


Behind The Beats Presents – Hillprop97. Talking Akai MPC 5000

26 Sep

Digital Hustle Films – Behind The Beats series talks with Producer/Beatmaker Hillprop97. Hillprop97 demonstrates making beats using the Akai MPC 5000, talks drums & records, & much more.

Don’t sleep!

For more Digital Hustle // Behind The Beats Videos visit DigitalHustleFilms YouTube Channel


akai mpc renaissance tutorials

23 Sep (launching  October 1st, 2012) is offering a wide variety of MPC tutorials including offerings for the new Akai Pro MPC Renaissance, MPC Studio, and Fly. If you have jumped on the new generation MPC bandwagon and are looking for some education & tutorials, MPC Tutorials looks like an excellent resource for people looking to get their hands dirty.

Having learned on and banged out some of my best beats using the Akai MPC 2000XL, I’m excited to see what the new line of MPC’s brings to the table. As a Reason 6.5 user I am also excited about the possibility of Reason & MPC Renaissance integration.

I cant lie, I do miss the workflow of the MPC (minus tracking, zip disks, etc.). Maschine wasn’t my cup of tea and Reason 6.5 has some short comings when it comes to speed & workflow for sample based production. Lets hope the MPC Renaissance fills the void!

I’ll be doing a full review of the site once they provide me with a membership, so stay tuned.

Until then… click the banner below or visit to sign up


Contest: Win a 16GB SP-1200 Flash Drive loaded with Drum Samples

15 Aug

This month’s contest is simple and the grand prize is AMAZING! The Drum Sample Broker is giving away a 16GB SP-1200 Flash Drive pre-loaded with our entire drum library! There are two ways to enter: the tweet to win & “like” our Facebook Page. If you don’t have Twitter, you can “like” the Facebook Page, and if your lacking Facebook, go ahead and tweet to win! By doing both, you will double your chances of winning. Winners will be selected at random on September 15th, 2012. Complete details by clicking here

See instructions below:

Tweet to win:

  1. Follow @drumbroker on Twitter
  2. Copy & Tweet the following message:
  3. “Producers & Beatmakers – enter to win a 16GB SP-1200 Flash Drive packed with custom drums from @DrumBroker info at:”
  4. Thats all!


  1. Visit The Drum Sample Broker Facebok @
  2. Like the page
  3. You are entered to win!

Drum Sample Broker Purchases:

  1. Purchases @ between August 15th, 2012 – September 14th, 2012 will automatically be entered to win.

Check the winner on September 15th, 2012 @

Custom Akai MPC’s from Big Noise MPC

21 Mar

Custom Akai MPC 2000XL from Big Noise MPC

Ran across an awesome boutique company out of the Bay Area called Big Noise MPC. Big Noise sells some really awesome custom wood grain paneled MPC’s (standalone or drum machine) along with a slew of MPC specific accessories, drum kits, and merchandise from Fat Beats. These panels are so nice it has me contemplating getting another MPC just to look pretty on my desk!

For more information on Big Noises’s MPC customization and their MPC Card Readers you can visit their site over here: or check out who also carry Big Noise MPC Product line.