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Exclusive Interview with Matt Diamond: The Science Behind “Features”

20 Jun

1. Introduce yourself to the readers

My name’s Matt Diamond – I am a music entrepreneur that started the indie hip-hop label Coalmine Records back in 2005.  I’ve since launched Diamond Music Group – a full service marketing one stop that specializes in consulting, online marketing & pr, digital distribution, radio promo, production, graphic design and so forth.  I’m also the stateside rep for producer M-Phazes.

Alkota:  Let’s be honest, there is alot of music out there. Everyone is an artist in 2011. Getting an artist with some buzz on my record with me seems like a good way to get some buzz of my own.



24 Feb

Sampling as an artform and IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) seem to be  in the media spotlight quite a bit these days. With declining record sales publishers and labels are looking to crack down on illegal sample use and collect due revenues. Welcome to Web 2.0, where the emergence of file sharing sites, music blogs, and new technologies allow independent artists, labels, and producers to share, publish, and sell music efficiently by cutting out “official channels”. Sites and technologies like Bandcamp and Soundcloud have once again blurred IPR Laws and the rules for clearing samples.

Luckily, I was able to catch up with Deborah Mannis-Gardner of DMG Clearances, Inc. who specializes in the world of sample clearance to get some insight and clear answers to the common question: to clear or not to clear?

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