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E-Mu SP-120012 Bit Soul Vol. 6

13 Feb


Download Here: 12 Bit Soul Vol. 6

It’s time to take it back to meaner kicks, louder snares, and just tougher breaks entirely. Divided Souls Entertainment culls the crates to find the hardest, grimiest sounds offered up in this sixth installment in the 12 Bit Soul series, focusing solely on 70’s-style Rock breaks and unashamedly loud drums. With minimal processing and the essence of the MPC and SP1200 injected for just the right seasoning, the listener hears the vision that originally spawned this sound kit and its overall focus from the first hit to the last.

Divided Souls Entertainment also provides the kick and snare used in the politically incendiary record for Chuck D’s “Tear Down That Wall.” The Public Enemy frontman openly attacks the offensive racial profiling in the U.S. with nimble, yet purposeful, scratches provided by DJ Pain 1. The drums pack a crunchiness courtesy of the production duo and their acute attention to detail. Edginess is emblematic of this scathing song featuring drums that equally meet the challenge. This is just one example of what producers can craft with these selections found in 12 Bit Soul Volume 6.

This kit includes:

  • 47 kicks
  • 41 snares
  • 33 percussion (hi hats, crashes, and toms)
  • 22 drum rolls/fills

Custom 8GB E-Mu SP-1200 Flash Memory Drive

7 Feb

Available here:

SP-1200 Flash Drive feat. Exclusive Drum Samples

16 Sep

Exclusive Drum Kits Pre-loaded…


Alkota is teaming up with hip hop producer Illmind, boom bap mastermind M-Phazes, and Super Engineer Mike Chav to distribute their custom Drum Kits on my 8GB SP-1200 Flash Drives.  As a producer and beatmaker myself, I am reaching out to producer’s who have drum sounds worth having! Illmind recently released his Blap Kit Vol. 1 which I purchased for $20 via Illmind’s Blog. Hands down, it is one of the dopest “producer kits” I have heard in a while. I love seeing other producer’s, like Illmind put out bangin music, dope products, and live events.

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