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8GB E-Mu SP1200 Flash Drives

29 May

In order to prepare for our new product line up we are clearing out our current inventory of the 8GB SP-1200 Flash Drives. If you are interested in purchasing one of the most unique custom flash drives ever created for the hip hop and music production community, now is the time to do it. The flash drives are on sale for $39.99 and you can order direct by clicking the banner/link below:


21 Mar

First Off, Introduce yourself and give us a little background information about Loopwhole Beats.

Thanks for interviewing me, Respect. I go by Loopwhole Beats, I’m livin’ out in Wisconsin right now. Ive been making beats since about 2001-2002, I got real serious about in in 2006. Ive been at it Since 2006 non stop. It’s something that I do every
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